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> I've just released the LiveCD for gNewSense 2.1, the second full release
> of DeltaH.
> This bring in a number of updates, fixes and improvements.

I've just realised that tomorrow will mark the 2 year anniversary of our
first release.
Accordingly, it's somewhat appropriate that our 10th LiveCD is released

It's strange to think that it's well over 2 years since Paul and I started
gNewSense. While I remain the main developer; many other people have
contributed code, and many many more time and effort, to ensure that this
distribution stays free and usable. We were the first for example to remove
all non-free blobs from the kernel and also the first to remove GLX. Through
all this work we have produced what is, to the best of my knowledge, the
freest GNU/Linux distribution in existence.

I'd like to thank everyone for their help and support thus far, and look
forward to the future of gNewSense.

Brian Brazil
gNewSense Head Developer

> Changes since 2.0 include:
> - Linux-ubuntu-modules cleared of non-free blobs
> - Usplash added, thanks to Jean
> - New theme and artwork, thanks to Patricio, Briareo and Leo
> - Readded fix for module-init-tools for eepro100
> - Builder: LiveCD no longer asks for password on sudo
> - Builder: Added support for extra repositories in python-apt
> - Builder: Various tweaks, fixes and improvements from Karl
> Download links:
> LiveCD: http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-livecd-deltah-2.1.iso
> LiveCD Torrent:
> http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-livecd-deltah-2.1.iso.torrent
> LiveCD Source:
> http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-cdsource-deltah-2.1.tar
> Upgrading from 1.9/2.0: Follow the upgrade notifications in Gnome. There's
> no need to download the 2.1 CD.
> To change to the gNewSense theme in Gnome, go to System -> Preferences ->
> Appearance. Select 'gNewSense' in the 'Themes' tab and press 'Close'.
> =============
> As always, we're in #gnewsense on irc://chat.freenode.net.
> More details about gNewSense can be found at http://www.gnewsense.org
> Yours,
> Brian Brazil
> gNewSense Head Developer
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