Op Wed, 9 Aug 2017 09:55:42 +0200
schreef Narcis Garcia <informat...@actiu.net>:

> Here is the information concerning to this proposal:
> https://bugs.debian.org/637348
> GuixSD, Parabola and Trisquel already include IceCat in their
> repositories.

It makes a lot of sense for a free distro to include IceCat. And I must
admit that our Iceweasel is not in the state I would like it to be. But
I unsubscribed from Gnuzilla's mailing list a few months ago because I
got really tired of all the complaints, demands and rants without much
constructive contributions coming in. I think a discussion about what
we want a browser for a free distro to look like is needed and it's
also a continuous evaluation, but the IceCat community does/did not
seem to be welcoming to that.

So I'm currently not looking at IceCat. I might check it out again in
some time, hopefully getting a more positive impression then.

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