What : GPS, GPX, KML, Google Earth - Where am I?  How did I get here?
Who  : Rob Anderson
Date : Mon 9 July 2012
Time : 7 PM to 9 PM
Where: Room 301, Morse Hall, UNH, Durham, NH

  For those who don't know, Rob is a motorcycle nut ^W enthusiast.
This means he periodically goes on long trips on a bike for no reason.
 When he does, he brings a GPS, which logs his track in GPX format.
Rob has done the homework needed to take that GPX log off his GPS
gadget and convert that data into KML format -- the format used by
Google Maps and Earth.  That lets Rob plot his course on a map, or
even generate a 3D fly-through movie.  Tonight he'll talk about how he
did it.

=== About SLUG ===

  SLUG is the Seacoast Linux User Group, and is a chapter of GNHLUG,
the Greater NH Linux User Group.  Rob Anderson is the SLUG
coordinator, and reliably comes up with interesting topics each month.
 SLUG meets the second Monday of every month, same time, same place.
You can find out more about SLUG and GNHLUG at their websites.



  Meetings take place starting at 7:00 PM.  Meetings are open to all.
The meeting proper ends around 9ish, but it's not uncommon to find
hangers-on there until 10 or later.  They take place in Room 301 (the
third floor conference room), of Morse Hall, at the University of New
Hampshire, in Durham, New Hampshire, United States, North America,
Earth, Sol system, Orion spur, Milky Way galaxy, Virgo supercluster.
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