On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 07:56:46PM -0500, Thomas Charron wrote:
>   A programmer that doesn't know how to grep and split text strings..
>   Well..  Isn't..

I know of several ways to do it, but none of them would have worked as
well as the cut solution presented here. I've been working on Linux as
my primary platform for 2.5 years, I've been coding in various languages
for 5.

I'm relatively intelligent, know how to use awk, grep, and sed.

Considering the huge number of programmers who are doomed to forever
live and work in a GUI-only MSVC++ (or whatever it's called) without the
tools such as sed, grep and awk, I'd say I'm in the top 50% as far as
knowledge goes for programmers -- and I think I'm probably being
relatively modest.

The lack of knowledge of a simple command line tool to do what you want
it to does not indicate whether someone is a programmer or not. It
simply indicates one thing -- their level of experience with core *nix
tools. Lack of that is not an indication of deficiencies in their
ability to program.

I'm assuming that your post was made with tongue in cheek, but I think
it's a ridiculous statement and decided to do what all good people on
the internet do: blow it out of proportion in a rant on a mailing list
that few will ever care about. (I think I'm supposed to call you Hitler
now or something. Godwin told me that once.)

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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