This presentation will be about adoption of desktop Linux in the enterprise, 
and how our system meets the challenges.  The issues we will be discussing 
are broadly applicable to any Linux distribution and organization that wishes 
to adopt desktop Linux.  The primary topics we will be addressing are:

Integration with legacy applications
Network Management
OSS Alternatives

Why should you go?  This is an opportunity to see and ask questions of how 
Linux on the desktop can be made practical for the corporate desktop.  You 
will get to see integration with Active Directory, Windows Terminal Services, 
advanced thin client technology, and other open source desktop management 
tools and applications.  

We will also be showcasing 3D accelerated graphics on a thin client (Unreal 
Tournament), which to our knowledge is an industry first!  The practical 
application of this technology would be 3D CAD in a thin client environment, 
but Unreal Tournament is much cooler.  

Hope to see you there!

Warren Luebkeman 
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