Hello, world!

 We had great fun at Hosstraders this year!  The weather on Friday
was great, practically unprecedented for Hosstraders.  We're working
on a theory that maddog is actually a rain god, because when he got
there on Saturday, it prompted turned cloudy and wet.  ;-)

 Much "great stuff" was sold or given away (although some of it was
so bad even with a price of "free" nobody wanted it).  We spread the
word about the LUG to some Granite State Linuxers who weren't aware,
and maybe got  a few more people to try our drug^W software of choice.

The highlight this season was definitely the Internet connection. Here we are, in a barn in the middle of a field in the middle of
nowhere (sorry, Ted) - with a high-speed link to the web.  From the
barn ran a CAT5 cable through some trees, over a roof, through some
more trees, along the side of a building, along the ground, and up a
tree.  There, a LinkSys WRT54G with after-market firmware and a
high-gain antenna linked to its twin, a thousand feet or so away,
hanging out of a window, and plugged into a LAN with a link to a DSL
feed.  Wow!

 I'd like to offer my personal thanks to everyone helped out, especially:

* Bill McGonigle, for providing antennas, radios, rigging, and expertise
* Ted Roche, for not only providing an Internet feed, but letting us
continue to use it after we screwed it up
* Jon "maddog" Hall, for buying the spot (as usual)
* Bill Sconce, for stepping forward with a soldering iron at a
moment's notice, to fix a bad connection with my speakers
* mike ledoux, for taking over CD production after my PC developed
senile dementia
* Mike ODonnel for donating the spool of CAT5

 See you all again in the Fall!

-- Ben

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