Tim Lind put on a great presentation of TrixBox 1.0 [1] (the renamed and renumbered successor to [EMAIL PROTECTED] 2.8) to ten attendees at tonights MonadLUG meeting. Tim brought nearly the entire system from his Computerborough [2] offices: a salvaged PIII-700, a Digium card card with two daughterboards: FXS and FXO [3], a couple of cordless phones, an IP phone, and his laptop, and showed us the entire setup. Tim uses the machine to take incoming POTS calls and route it through a digital attendant to one of several phones, ring groups or voice mail boxes. Day and nighttime setups have different rules. In addition, he can route to his cell phone, process faxes, send voicemail messages via email, and a mind-boggling combination of the above and more. With graphs. Wow! Very impressive presentation. Asterisk could be a great solution for nearly any size business, and an inexpensive way to bring a PBX to the small business world.

Next month, July 13th Charlie Farinella will show us how he works with the 'screen' command - a utility for supporting multiple remote terminal sessions on a single connection. Sessions started within a screen session can be backgrounded, suspended, and recovered after a disconnection.

On August 10, Mark and Tim from Computerborough will return again and show us around SugarCRM.

Thanks to Tim for a great presentation, Guy for MC'ing the meeting, and Ken for the facilities

[1] http://www.trixbox.org/
[2] http://www.computerborough.com/main/
[3] I'm pretty sure it was this one: http://www.digium.com/en/ wheretobuy/digiumdirect/productview.php?product_code=RTDM11B

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