A total of seven folks dropped by the July meeting of NHRuby.org, and
were treated to a live coding session by Nick Plante and Scott Garman to
create a Rails-based web application for tracking proposed meeting topics.

Models were created, database migrations were demonstrated, RESTful
design was explained and used throughout, and the process for debugging
problems as they inevitably cropped up was shown. A good time was had by

While we managed to get the application working with a user account
system and the ability to save topics, the voting system has yet to be
added. So next month, we will continue this process by adding a spiffy
AJAX-enabled "1 to 5 star" voting system for the proposed meeting
topics. We will also demonstrate how to write unit, functional, and
integration tests for this Rails application (which has yet to be named).

Don't worry if you didn't attend the July meeting - we'll give a quick
overview of the app at the start of the August meeting and it shouldn't
be difficult to follow along.




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