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> ... control of the domain name ...
> So, trust and brand value are at risk.

  That, and the massive organizational clusterfsck that would ensue if
they had to switch to a different domain name.  Everyone from the top
down to a sysadmin with one box would need to update their stuff.
That's what I care the most about, since I'm one of those sysadmins.

> I suspect their PayPal account can be written off at this point ...

  Is CentOS incorporated?  If not, there is no write-off.  It's just
that all their benefactors who gave them money will now be very
concerned that their money went into somebody's pocket.  Lawsuits may
follow.  Future donations may be less likely.  If they were depending
on PayPal funds to keep servers running, operations may be impacted.
(This is all speculation on my part, don't take it as "the sky is
falling".  Rather, "If the sky falls, this is what it will feel

> Not that anybody should ever keep a balance in PayPal, that
> has its own set of horror stories.

  People do lots of things that people shouldn't do.  :-(

> That seems to have some media people freaked out.

  Controversy sells papers.

-- Ben

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