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On 07/30/2009 06:01 PM, Ben Scott wrote:
>   Is CentOS incorporated?  If not, there is no write-off.

Hrm?  I mean they probably can't expect to ever recover it.

>  It's just
> that all their benefactors who gave them money will now be very
> concerned that their money went into somebody's pocket.  Lawsuits may
> follow.

If somebody took the donations and did something else with them, that
would be fraud.  Without a formal org, it's probably not embezzlement.

>  Future donations may be less likely.

yes, without structure to prevent abuse.  Given structure, perhaps more.
 There's talk of a foundation.

>  If they were depending
> on PayPal funds to keep servers running, operations may be impacted.

They're not.  They wanted to take the funds and do some marketing.
Servers and bandwidth are donated.  Labor is volunteered.


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