Hey, all.  I know that this is a bit of a dead horse -- between 
(expletive-deleted) Outlook/Exchange in the workplace, and Gmail out of 
the workplace, an awful lot of people just don't bother with 
do-it-yourself mail any longer.  But, for those miscreants (e.g., moi) 
who carry on with their Quixotic preferences, I gotta give a thumbs up: 
roundcube.  I'd tried it four or five years ago, and had been pretty 
unimpressed.  Hoo-boy, has that changed.  It's *slick*, it works 
awesomely well, it's got a bunch of interesting plugins... and, well, 
did I mention it's slick?

* Find-as-you-type address book (a feature I simply love)
* Really, really good composer and reader
* Threaded messaging
* Fast!  It blows away all other clients I've used when doing IMAP 
searches, or opening even pretty huge mailboxes (> 100K messages).

It can also do drag-and-drop attachments, LDAP, $BELL, $WHISTLE via 

So, if you're in the market for a web-based client, I strongly suggest 
kicking the tires on Roundcube.  E-mail is a pleasure to use again.


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