Greetings Jeff,

    I would be interested in the 72GB SCSI drives if they do not have too much 
time on them.  I am in Nashua also.  883-4815

Jim Kuzdrall

On Tuesday 23 October 2012 20:05:03 Jefferson Kirkland wrote:
> Hi Everyone!  I find myself in a position where I have to get rid of a lot
> of the build up of hardware that I have accumulated over the years.
>  Anything not taken will simply be tossed, but I would like to see the
> stuff go to a good home and get lots of use if possible.   Please know that
> anything you take will need to be picked up by you.  I am in Nashua, NH.
> Here is the list of stuff:
> 1 - Digital (yes, Digital) 21" rack.  This is a doored unit and the dorr is
> plastic slatted, not metal meshed like other's I have seen.
> 1 - Rack tray for the rack.  This actually had the E450 below on it in
> another rack which it came from.
> 1 - Sun Sunfire V280R.  This machine has 2 power supplies in it.
> 2 - Seagate 10K RPM 72Gb SCSI drives (originally obtained for the V280R).
>  One drive also has the cradle for insertion into the V280R.
> 1 - Sun E450.  WHen I obtained this it was loaded with a bunch of drives
> (about full if I remember right).  It has all power supplies from what I
> can tell from the back.
> 1 - Sun 710 Drive Case.  This is loaded with 148 Gb of drives.
> 3 - SCSI cables still in their bags
> 2 - Sparc 5's
> 4 - Ultra 1's
> 6 - Ultra 2's
> 2 - 19" CRT's (working)
> 1 - Apple G4 Tower.  Not sure if it works or not, I received it with a
> couple others.  It may very well be just for parts.
> I think that pretty much covers it for now.
> Regards,
> Jeff Kirkland
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