I believe I have been told it is OK to post jobs openings to the general
list since the jobs list is pretty dead.  My apologies if this is not
appropriated.  Please e-spank me as you see fit.

I am sending this on behalf of my employer.  If you know CentOS / RedHat
fairly well, or other Linuxes very well, please consider applying.  You can
get more details and apply by visiting the job posting on our
 Below is some ad copy that is mostly redundant with the job posting page,
but more concise.

All of it is a long winded way of saying we are looking for a few good
Linux geeks, like me!  =)  In my experience here, general admin experience,
the ability to figure things out, and playing well with others are all more
important than any other specific skill set mentioned.  Also, I should
mention that this is the best job I have ever had, and that includes having
worked for myself for many years!

*Development Systems Administrator* - CD-adapco (www.cd-
adapco.com) is seeking an experienced individual to administer and maintain
services in support of the software development team located in Lebanon, NH.

The successful candidate will be responsible for systems and development
used in the production of our world-class CFD software. Responsibilities
include system administration and management of all hardware and operating
systems. This position will work to the improve service reliability and
performance. This position will also ensure that new or existing services
implemented to optimally serve a global development team, including proper
evaluation, documentation and training. Systems are primarily Linux and
Windows based. Coordination with satellite offices and other system
administrators in remote offices to maintain the high availability of our
connected systems and networks will also be required.

In addition to ensuring the smooth operation of our software development
environment, opportunities exist for candidates desiring to assist with our
collaboration software, and/or distributed build and automated test systems.

Successful applicants must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the
management of Linux and Windows operating systems and service
administration within a software development environment. Experience with
scripting languages, system monitoring tools, and software development
tools is

Alan Johnson
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