On 12/14/2012 11:23 AM, Chip Marshall wrote:
> Just curious, but how many people have IPv6 access at home,
> or are interested in getting it? Do you even care if you have
> v6 or not?
> If you do have it, native from the ISP, or are you running a
> tunnel?
> If you don't have it, would you be interested in learning how to
> set up a tunnel if your ISP doesn't supply it?
> Personally, I'm on Comcast at home, my cable modem doesn't
> support DOCSIS 3, so I can't get v6 from Comcast yet (assuming
> I'm on one of the nodes that supports it.) I have a FreeBSD box
> acting as my router with a tunnel connected to Hurricane Electric
> for IPv6, just doing SLAAC on the inside for addressing.
I'm on FIOS and have an IPv6 tunnel through HE on my OpenWRT router.

I'm still trying to figure out what advantages this gives me since most 
of the world (including $EMPLOYER) is still IPv4-only, but I figure if 
use starts to increase I'll be ready for it.

HE has really good directions on how to set up the broker on your 
particular system.

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