I hold a couple of domains.  One is my own that I registered in '96
and the other belongs to a friend.  The "other" I registered for him
in '01 to help his small race engineering business.  I have few
issues.  Well, a few to discuss here, I won't bring up working with
Bobby Casey at this time... ;-)

- We'd like to transfer the 2nd domain to be owned by my friend
- They are both registered with register.com.  Is that not the cool
thing these days?
- They ended up under two different accounts that I hold at
register.com with some messed up naming.

The domains are j3.org (mine, Bill Sconce would have understood the
reference) and smallfortuneracing.com (my friend's).

I'm asking for advice in part because I don't want to make any
mistakes and lose control of the domains.

- Who should my friend register with, if not register.com?
- What are the steps to do the transfer?

- Should I move my domain to a different registrar and if so, to whom?
- If not, is there a way to change or delete the "Registrant
Organization" and username of the account?

I guess I should also ask about appropriate Tech contacts.  The person
I have listed at one time hosted the web site on both, is still in my
contacts list and could call, but someone I haven't contacted in
years.  Is it reasonable list myself for Registrant, Admin and Tech?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Tyson D Sawyer

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent
of many bad measures.   - Daniel Webster
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