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> I would recommend that you use a different registrar (better service, nicer
> interface, less cost).

That's what I thought I had understood from random bits.

> If you transfer a domain to another registrar, you will have to pay for
> another year, but that gets added to the current expiration.  You generally
> don't want to do a transfer if the domain is about to expire in the next 60
> days.

smallfortuneracing.com expires Oct 2nd, so I guess I will renew it as is first.

> I use NameCheap (https://www.namecheap.com/domains/transfer.aspx) and they
> are both good and inexpensive.


> It is entirely OK to list yourself for all contacts.
> The process for changing "Registrant Organization" can be a real pain.

yeah...  Besides renewing the domain that will expire soon, I need to
unlock transfers first.  However, transfering both domains will give
me a chance to clean up all the name issues on the accounts.


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