This is somewhat old news, but it is worth repeating even if it wasn't
missed (as it was for me).

Jörg "Schily" Schilling succumbed to cancer, about four months ago, on
2021 October 11.

Schilling was probably best known for his cdrtools suite, which
includes mkisofs and cdrecord.  For more than two decades, the Linux
community depended on his code to make it possible to distribute and
install Linux.  If you ran Linux, your system almost certainly ran
through his software at some point, in some way, on its way to getting
on to your computer.  With optical drives going the way of punched
cards, and everything going the way of the cloud, it's less overt than
it once was, but ISO images are still commonly used to distribute

He also contributed (to) implementations of several common Unix tools,
including find, tar, make, as well various libraries and drivers,
particularly around SCSI.  He pushed a lot on the Unix standardization
front, and I understand he was also big in the Sun/Solaris Open Source

He was also known for being kind of a dick, but hey, so am I.  There
are worse sins.

As others have said, perhaps he will be immortalized in his software.
That would be a most fitting tribute for a hacker, I think.

-- Ben

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