There should be EXIF metadata in each photo which should include the date taken.



On Jun 21, 2022 1:27 PM, Bruce Labitt <> wrote:

Recently got a message (well really quite a few) warning me that my
"free storage" on google is running out.  This, of course, is yet a new
way for Google to monetize all the free stuff that they had been
providing for a while.  I do have strong opinions on re-negging on
promises, but lets not go there.

Google apparently provides a way to extract your data, more or less. 
You can export your data using "Google Takeout".  So I wanted to takeout
my photos, since it seemed they were the dominant storage hog.  I
exported my photos, and got 8 2GB zip files.  Google touched the files
and they all have today's date. This stinks because I usually sort on
date.  For some of the photos, the date is embedded in the file name. 
For the earlier ones, the camera manufacturer didn't do that.  (Takeout
only exports the data, it does not delete it.)  In the export, it seems
there are json files for every jpg downloaded.  Seems like a lot of
clutter, what use are these json files?  Apparently they had some value
to Google, because they made them.

Is there some way to extract the photos from google with the dates intact?

If not, can the files be parsed for their date taken and the attribute
date reset to the taken date?  Say one were to do this in python, it
seems one could do this with PIL, and os.walk through the directories. 
Not quite as sure about resetting the date attribute, but pretty sure it
can be done.  Seems like it could be an interesting exercise.  (Suppose
one could also extract the GPS info if available and further categorize
the photos.)

Are there any pitfalls to the the paragraph above?  Can any of you
suggest a better way to do this?

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