Jon 'maddog' Hall wrote:
> Well,
> Everything was going fine until I saw who was sponsoring it.
> This is another example of O'Reilly getting in bed with a company that
> has not been very friendly to Linux and FOSS.
> I am sure that they would love to get people's names on a mailing list.
> Do you think they would mind if GNHLUG brought along 100 or so disks of
> free Software and gave it out to the attendees?
> md

Hey all,

Is there any objection to my going to this? I'm ex-chairman, not current 
chairman, and less involved than many other people, but I'm not worried 
about either M$ or O'Reilly getting my contact info (both already have 
it many times over)  and I'm happy to represent the FOSS viewpoint. 
(There's another slot open as well - they said two per UG, but in 
practical terms I doubt they'll care if we bring a few over the limit.)

I'll bring some open source books - I'll get some copies of my various 
publications from Apress and sign them, and my experience is that other 
publishers rarely have the moxie to complain when I do that - and if 
someone wants to supply some FOSS discs to give away, I can do that as 
well. (Isn't there some FOSS-For-Windows-With-Ubuntu-Dual-Boot discs 
made en masse for something?)

Take it easy,

David Berube
Berube Consulting
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