Attention GNHLUG Board of Director people!

  Someone wants to set-up a Linux meeting in Manchester.  Yay!  They
can do that without our help, but they want to use the GNHLUG name,
and we're supposed  to approve that.  The proposed coordinators are
show below.

  I'm in favor: Kenta has been around GNHLUG for awhile (he used to be
a regular at the Nashua meeting); I trust him to do good by us.  Chip
I've only met once, but he seemed good, and I've had people I already
trust vouch for him.

  Can the other Directors sound off, please?


* Kenta Koga <>
* Chip Marshall <> (email address may be wrong)

Directors (IIRC):

* Heather Brodeur
* Jon 'maddog' Hall
* Michael Kazin
* Shawn K. O'Shea
* Ted Roche
* Bill Sconce
* Ben Scott

  (IIRC, there was discussion about changing of the guard, and even
some volunteers, but I don't think we got around to it.)


-- Ben
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