Welcome to GNHLUG. I hope we don't scare you off :-)

First of all, we're a loose (as in very loosely) knit group.

The prior incarnation of the Nashua GNHLUG was called MerriLUG. You can
continue with that name, or chose a new one.

The next thing to do is get an account on the wiki, and that's when your
"responsibilities" begin! You (or someone of your chosing with an
account on the Wiki) will have to:

 1. Announce the meetings on both the Wiki and the email list
    (gnhlug-announce) - see existing info on the wiki and in the email
 2. Plan and hold the meetings.
 3. Remember to put a follow-up to the meeting in the "Recent Events"
    section of the Wiki.
 4. Repeat - until you wear out.

There's a lot of "organizational" info in the Organizational web of the
wiki ( http://wiki.gnhlug.org/twiki2/bin/view/Organizational/WebHome) -
you may find it helpful to browse through it - if for no other reason
than to get a sense of our history.

At some point, someone (probably Ben Scott) will give your email account
(and you must always send from the same account) the ability to approve
messages on the gnhlug-announce list; until then some prior-approved
user will have to approve your messages.

If you have any questions, just send them to this list! Someone will
eventually answer it!


On 12/23/2012 11:00 AM, chris gagnon wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to start a Nashua, NH chapter. The wiki said I should
> asks how this can be done on this mailing list. 
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