Interesting.  RealNetworks announces that they will be releasing the
source to certain software components, under what is supposed to be an Open
Source(ish) license. [official site]

  It is unclear yet what components will be opened, but rumor appears to
indicate it would be transport and playback frameworks, but not the actual
A/V codes.  Still, that might solve my immediate problem of being unable to
view streaming media, i.e., with a transport engine that "collects" the
real-time packets and feeds them to a closed player.

  One thing that occurs to me: One of the major uses for streaming media
today is not live productions, but rather, a misguided and ill-conceived
form of copy-protection and content-control.  If Real goes open, and that
creates a perception that Real is easier to copy, will the media cartel drop
Real in favor of Microsoft?  That is, could this make the Open Source
streaming media situation worse?

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