On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, at 10:01am, Michael O'Donnell wrote:
> Is Gnome known to be prone to random failures of this sort, or is this
> more likely pilot error?

  I have seen the GNOME panel crash plenty of times, but it normally
restarts automatically, and all the applets reappear with little or no lost

> When I ogged in this A.M. my taskbar and pager in my panel indow had
> disappeared.  If I minimize a window it anishes and I can not open it
> again by clicking on hat used to be its minimized icon.

  Quick fix: From a shell prompt, issue the command "panel &" (without the
quotes, of course).

  Problem analysis:

  What distro and release is he using?  What window manager?

  Check the setting for the GNOME session state, which are controlled by
various capplets under "GNOME Menu -> Programs -> Settings -> Session".  
The "panel" program should be listed, with "Style" of "Respawn".

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