On 10/16/2016 08:10 AM, Jean-Pierre Rosen wrote:
> Le 15/10/2016 à 11:06, Pascal a écrit :
>> Functions and procedures must be declared before coding the body.
> Not sure it is very useful. I don't have a rule for this in Adacontrol,
> but it could be easily added.

It seems a reasonable language-design principle that every body should be the
completion of a separate specification. Ada seems to follow this except for

Alternatively, given the rule that descriptive comments follow the thing being
described, and since descriptive comments after a subprogram body are useless,
comments describing a subprogram should come after a declaration. Since every
subprogram should have descriptive comments ...

> I'm OK for disabling assertions, but not other checks (constraint_error...)

I'm for leaving them all on.

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