On 12/01/2016 12:46 PM, Pascal wrote:
> Ok for Update_Interval.
> Concerning access type, Sprite_Type is a limited record because of 
> Context_2D_Type and Image_Data_Type are limited.
> Thus Sprite_Type can't be part of Vector.
> Maybe I could have used an array of Sprite_Type?

OK, then you have a valid reason, which it might be useful to document so you
don't get similar comments from others who, like me, don't look closely enough
at the declaration to realize it's limited. You can't use Indefinite_Vectors 

You could use an array, but then you'd have an upper limit on the number of
sprites, either hard-coded or a generic parameter. If you want to keep it
unbounded, you'd need to replicate the needed functionality from Vectors. That
can probably be done for a specific limited type; generalizing it to
Limited_Vectors is probably not possible.

Jeff Carter
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