I'm also interested in the answer to this question. For instance in a
singleton application, it would be very common to have to present the user
with the standard file selector dialogue. As the client and server are
running on the same machine, the selected client path would also be
available from the server process.

Is there a way to present such a dialogue to the user?

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Il giorno sab 14 apr 2018 alle ore 20:40 Jacob Sparre Andersen <
ja...@jacob-sparre.dk> ha scritto:

> David Botton wrote:
> >> It is not obvious from the API documentation how I can let a user
> >> choose a file for loading (and later saving).
> >
> >> Any hints?
> > Do you mean local file or for upload from remote access of app?
> Local to the user.
> Server-side would "just" be a matter of implementing a nice browser for
> the output from Ada.Directories.
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> Jacob (who's back to looking at Gnoga again)
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