> Le 11 juil. 2018 à 04:25, Jeremiah Breeden <jeremiah.bree...@gmail.com> a 
> écrit :
> As a note, while testing 1.3 today, I found a similar issue to the "random 
> build directory" that is not present in 1.4.  If I use the command "make all" 
> with version 1.3, it generates a random directory named "home" and all the 
> subdirectories going to gnoga-code/build/*.  This does not occur in version 
> 1.4.  I am guessing it is something similar to what you fixed for 1.4, but a 
> quick diff of the makefiles didn't reveal anything that jumped out at me.  
> For reference, if my directory structure is:
> d:/Program_Files/msys64/home/user/gnoga-code/
> then running "make all" creates:
> d:/home

Hello Jeremiah,

The install process of Zanyblue in 1.3 has been improved in 1.4.

Thanks, Pascal.

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