To access the sharing buttons, sharing first needs to be enabled by
toggling the "off" switch on. That switch is in the header bar, but I've
not yet found a way to give it focus via the keyboard. It also doesn't
appear to be showing up in Orca's flat review context.

I'll look into the flat review issue and if it's an Orca bug, fix it in
Orca. Of course, that fix would still be a workaround for what appears
to be a general keyboard navigation bug in the app. Filing a bug against
gnome-control-center for the navigation failure would be helpful.


On 03/06/2018 10:35 PM, Nolan Darilek wrote:
> Posted this to the Orca list, but this list is probably a better fit.
> Seems like the Settings app experienced some severe regressions under
> 3.26. Is this a known issue?
> In particular, if I access my Sharing settings, I'm unable to tab to any
> of the sharing buttons. I can't, for instance, enable the built-in SMB
> server for sharing files with Windows.
> Can anyone advise me on how I might enable these settings via the
> command line? I can't find anything via Google, nor is running
> gsettings/dconf revealing any obvious things to tweak.
> Thanks.
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