NEW in 2.2.0 - 2019-02-20

  * Multiple memory leak and corruption fixes
  * Bumped glib minimum version to 2.46, it already was in practical terms
  * Test suite improvements
  * Restore log domain

Translations: ca, cs, da, kk, lt, pt_BR, sv, zh_TW

  Highlighted changes since 2.1.x:

  * New SPARQL parser, able to generate SQL that is generally more readable
    and at places performs better. Multiple buglets fixed in the process
  * Much improved support of SPARQL1.1 features and syntax that was missing:
    - Property paths: Allowing to match connectivity between two resources
      by an arbitrary length path. There is a number of supported operators
      (alternative, sequence, oneOrMany, ...) that can be combined, e.g:

      SELECT ?s ?p { ?s ^(nfo:belongsToContainer*)/(nie:url|nie:title) ?p }

      Only the negated path operator (!) is not supported at the moment.

    - Support for fully unrestricted queries, eg:

      SELECT ?s ?p ?o { ?s ?p ?o } ORDER BY ?o ?p ?s

      Queries with unrestricted predicate (?p in the example above) were
      just supported in a very restricted set of situations. All those
      limitations are gone.
    - MINUS allows subtracting the solutions that match the given triples
      template, eg:

      SELECT ?s { ?s a nfo:Media } MINUS { ?s a nfo:MusicPiece }

  * Support for prepared statements. TrackerSparqlStatement can be built
    with SELECT queries containing (custom) ~var syntax, and updating
    their values before obtaining a cursor.
  * Many tests were added, and Tracker is generally much better tested thanks
    to CI.
  * tracker-store now automatically shuts down on inactivity.

  NOTE TO PACKAGERS: This release might trigger ABI checks, as
    TrackerSparqlConnectionClass struct size grew. This object can only
    be subclassed within Tracker and instantiated through Tracker API, so
    the change is inconsequential.

======== (2.67M)
  sha256sum: 6da6c4abd2341a5f2748e504590ef719b8c6fcc78f033d11fb22dab79b8f2306
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