What is gbrainy?
=================gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have
fun and to keep your
brain trained.

It provides the following types of games:

* Logic puzzles. Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking
* Mental calculation. Games based on arithmetical operations designed to
prove your mental calculation skills.
* Memory trainers. Games designed to challenge your short term memory.
* Verbal analogies. Games that challenge your verbal aptitude.

What is new?
Version 2.4.0
* 2 bug fixes in games
* Several fixes in the build system
* Updated translations

Where can I get it?
* https://gent.softcatala.org/jmas/gbrainy/gbrainy-2.4.0.tar.gz

   (sha1sum 2a171150129a41afed8beacc57bf3d046e479862)
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