GParted is the GNOME Partition Editor for creating, reorganizing, and
deleting disk partitions.

The GParted 1.0.0 release includes a significant undertaking to migrate
the code base from gtkmm2 to gtkmm3 (our GTK3 port).  Thanks go to Luca
Bacci and Mike Fleetwood for making this happen.

With this major change we bump up the major version number.  This 1.0.0
release is not meant to indicate that GParted is more stable or less
stable than before.  Instead it means that GParted now requires gtkmm3
instead of gtkmm2.  Note that several other dependencies have changed as

As with our other releases, this one also includes several enhancements,
bug fixes and language translation updates.

Key changes include:
     - Port to Gtkmm 3
     - Port to GNOME 3 yelp-tools documentation infrastructure
     - Enable online resizing of extended partitions
     - Add F2FS support for read disk usage, grow, and check
     - Fix slow refreshing of NTFS file systems

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