2018-03-05 17:04 UTC+01:00, Piotr Drąg <piotrd...@gmail.com>:
>>  – Proposition 1: fix the string generation using “&#xA;&#xA;” in the
>> gschema file, and let translators redo the translations;
>>  – Proposition 2: replace the two line breaks by one space, so that
>> all translations already done work, but without any line break (and
>> I’d change the strings next cycle for what is wanted).
> In a perfect world, we would fix bug #793931 properly. As we live in
> this world, I think proposition 2 is the best solution for 3.28, and
> we can deal with the bigger problem in 3.30. The decision is yours,
> though.

I’ll certainly go that way if there are no other opinions on this question.

>> I had also planned a 1bis proposition, where I fix the gschema file
>> and all the translations in one patch, avoiding work from translators,
>> but following previous discussion, that’s probably not a path I can
>> follow. ;)
> The difference is that this would be a change (presumably) consulted
> with and approved by the translation teams, which makes it OK. :P

Something that cannot be done in one day, so a path I can’t follow. :·)


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