Op 06-03-18 om 16:01 schreef Petr Kovar:
On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 12:08:47 +0100
Hannie Dumoleyn <lafeber-dumole...@zonnet.nl> wrote:

I am currently taking a close look at gnome-user-docs, subject accounts
(accounts-add.page, accounts-disable-service.page, accounts.page,
accounts-provider-not-available.page, accounts-remove.page,
accounts-which-application.page, accounts-whyadd.page).

There are many corrections to be made. For example:
online accounts has no + button to add an account (3.28)
accounts are listed on the right side, not on the left side etc., etc.
I only checked this in Ubuntu 17.10, not in other distributions.

For me it would be an enormous task to create a bug report and send in a
patch for each correction. Would it be possible to make a list of
corrections like this [1], so that someone from the maintenance team can
make the changes? I am not allowed to upload gnome-user-docs, so there
is no need for me to make corrections in gud locally.
Hey Hannie, if you can assemble a list of changes like that and send it
here, that's still quite helpful as some other team member with a git
account can just copy and paste it in the page files for you.

You can apply for a git account when you submit a handful of changes.

Also, we are about to migrate to GitLab, so I was wondering if it is
easier for you to submit a merge request with your changes going forward? I
know that the workflow requiring to submit patches in Bugzilla is very
clumsy, but that's going away.


Hi Petr,

I do have a git and a gitlab account, but I promised here on the list that I would not upload my local changes in the English .page files until, one day, the team trusts me enough to allow me to upload my changes ;)

Ah, I do not have any experience with gitlab yet, but if it makes reporting bugs in gud easier, I would be very happy. And I am willing to learn.


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