This is an automatic notification from status generation scripts on:

There have been following string additions to module 'seahorse.master':

+ "<big><b>The photo is too large</b></big>\nThe recommended size for a photo 
on your key is %d × %d pixels."
    + "Are you sure you want to delete the password keyring “%s”?"
    + "Are you sure you want to delete the password “%s”?"
    + "Are you sure you want to delete the secure shell key “%s”?"
    + "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the “%s” user ID?"
    + "Configure Key for _Secure Shell…"
    + "Configuring Secure Shell Keys…"
    + "Couldn't communicate with %s: %s"
    + "Couldn’t add item"
    + "Couldn’t add keyring"
    + "Couldn’t add photo"
    + "Couldn’t add revoker"
    + "Couldn’t add subkey"
    + "Couldn’t add user id"
    + "Couldn’t change authorization for key."
    + "Couldn’t change expiry date"
    + "Couldn’t change keyring password"
    + "Couldn’t change passphrase for key."
    + "Couldn’t change password."
    + "Couldn’t change primary photo"
    + "Couldn’t change primary user ID"
    + "Couldn’t communicate with server “%s”: %s"
    + "Couldn’t configure Secure Shell keys on remote computer."
    + "Couldn’t create certificate request"
    + "Couldn’t delete photo"
    + "Couldn’t delete subkey"
    + "Couldn’t delete user ID"
    + "Couldn’t delete"
    + "Couldn’t export data"
    + "Couldn’t export key"
    + "Couldn’t export keys"
    + "Couldn’t generate PGP key"
    + "Couldn’t generate Secure Shell key"
    + "Couldn’t generate private key"
    + "Couldn’t import keys"
    + "Couldn’t lock"
    + "Couldn’t prepare photo"
    + "Couldn’t publish keys to server"
    + "Couldn’t rename key."
    + "Couldn’t resolve address: %s"
    + "Couldn’t retrieve keys from server: %s"
    + "Couldn’t revoke subkey"
    + "Couldn’t save certificate request"
    + "Couldn’t set default keyring"
    + "Couldn’t set description."
    + "Couldn’t sign key"
    + "Couldn’t unlock"
    + "E_xport…"
    + "Encrypt files and email to the key’s owner"
    + "Enter new passphrase for “%s”"
    + "Enter passphrase for “%s”"
    + "I trust signatures from “%s” on other keys"
    + "If you believe that the person that owns this key is “%s”, <i>sign</i> 
this key:"
    + "If you no longer trust that “%s” owns this key, <i>revoke</i> your 
    + "Lazy mode doesn’t normalize entered date and time values"
    + "New password…"
    + "None: Don’t publish keys"
    + "Remote Keys Containing “%s”"
    + "Search was not specific enough. Server “%s” found too many keys."
    + "Synchronizing keys…"
    + "This key was already signed by\n“%s”"
    + "This will publish the keys in your key ring so they’re available for 
others to use. You’ll also get any changes others have made since you received 
their keys."
    + "When creating a key we need to generate a lot of\nrandom data and we 
need you to help. It’s a good\nidea to perform some other action like typing 
on\nthe keyboard, moving the mouse, using applications.\nThis gives the system 
the random data that it needs."
    + "With seahorse you can create and manage PGP keys, create and manage SSH 
keys, publish and retrieve keys from key servers, cache your passphrase so you 
don’t have to keep typing it and backup your keys and keyring."
    + "_Don’t Resize"
    + "_Find Remote Keys…"
    + "_Import…"
    + "_New…"
    + "_Sync and Publish Keys…"

Note that this doesn't directly indicate a string freeze break, but it
might be worth investigating.
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