Hi! I think I’ve more or less finished with changes in dconf-editor,
time for it to enter (quite late) in beta stage.

The cycle has globally been quite busy regarding translations,
including new error messages and new demo/test keys, but there are
some quite recent changes that I have to notify:

 [1fd3a64e] two new strings, part of the UI, where “%s” will be
replaced by a path:
   Folder “%s” is now empty.
   Key “%s” has been deleted.

 [06efec5e] three/four new strings (one duplicate), in the demo/test keys:
   Conflicting key with no range that should give an error
   This key is a test for multiple schemas in the same path with
conflicting keys. It shouldn’t be editable as a key mapped to the same
path has a different range.
   Conflicting key with range 0~5 that should give an error

 [e8f8a097] grammar error correction (bug 793202):
   This key properties have changed. Do you want to reload the view?
   This key’s properties have changed. Do you want to reload the view?

There has been also some recent files splits, but they shouldn’t
impact the translations.

Thank you everybody for your hard work! Let’s make 3.28 a great release. :)

Arnaud Bonatti
courriel : arnaud.bona...@gmail.com
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