2018-03-06 20:55 UTC+01:00, Rafal Luzynski <digitalfr...@lingonborough.com>:
> Back about your idea: I'm afraid it does not make much sense because
> your removed strings would be restored in the next translation update.

What would be restored in next translation update would be *currently
used strings*, that are ok, with or without translation. What I’ve
suggested to remove is *obsolete and untranslated* strings; that are
making grep hard to use, because if they have been obsoleted, it’s
because they were containing typographic errors or such, things that
I’d like to grep to find real current typos.

I’ve reported various bugs (typos, double spaces, missing spaces, bad
quotation marks…) on the i10n product, found by cleaning in such a way
files one time. I’m keeping my cleaning patch in my utilities, I’m
just the only one who will be able to use it, instead of letting
everybody look for typos. That’s inefficient, but hey, that’s
humanity. ^^

Anyway, let’s not lose too much time on that. For every problem,
there’s a code solution. Translations files edits would have been an
easy path, but they are not necessary.


Arnaud Bonatti
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