Hi all,

recently GNOMe has switched to Gitlab. Don't know the reasons, but
don't matter at all... Now I have a problem. I have write access in
the original GNOME Git for ages, and I can still checkout a module
using my user name and SSH key. But when I like to write changes back,
I get an error message that I have to use Gitlab from now on. The wiki
page [1] doesn't give me any instructions how to do so and lists the
old commands only.

Usually translators don't need real write acess anymore, because the
Damned lies pages allow to commit translations directly. But in a few
cases, this doesn't work: Creating new po files which don't exist yet,
images for manual translations, changes in help/Makefile.am... So it
is still needed to keep the git access alive also for translators.

[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/Git/Developers#Developer_Access

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