Synchronising data across multiple seahorse installations or providing
same set of passwords across multiple machines seem to be a separate
problem belonging to the same project.

Can you re-start the discussion under a different subject? I found
doing so is helps organising the project (I also have projects that
involve multiple problems.)

Either-way, if it is a managed environment, I often find public-key
based methods (e.g. ssh with ED25519) or Kerberos ticketing systems
easier to deploy because of the existing tools supporting them.

2017-08-09 1:12 GMT+10:00 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson <>:
>>>>>> "NHW" == Neal H Walfield <> writes:
> NHW> You can use seahorse to set the password to be the empty string.
> NHW> (Start seahorse, right click on the login keyring, and choose change
> NHW> password.)  Then GNOME Keyring won't prompt you for a passphrase.
> Thanks but I want to do this programmaticly for many of my machines.
> I don't want to have to install megabytes just to change one line in
> some file somewhere. I looked into "secret-tool" as a batch job solution
> but frankly am not sure how related it is, but would be happy to use it
> if it is.
> Anyway can I write a shell script to achieve the same effect of the
> above seahorse operation? Thanks.
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