2008/3/6 Sven Arvidsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  If you are using Totem with the GStreamer backend, it should use
>  musicaudiosink. You should be able to configure this to use your special
>  sound device. If not from the sound preferences capplet, it should be
>  possible in gconf.

Thanks for the tip, I managed to do it. I use totem with gstreamer.
What I did was:

Opened Gconf Editor (Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration
Editor) because the sound preferences (System -> Preferences -> Sound)
wont let me choose an alsa device.

In gconf-editor, I changed the music device (system -> gstreamer ->
0.10 -> default) changing the key "musicaudiosink" from "alsasink" to
"alsasink device=bgmusic" (bgmusic is my special alsa device for
background music).

Bruno Schneider
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