I am looking for information on setting a personal (i.e. not
system-wide) default printer in GNOME. This is for a corporate
environment with many printers and users which usually do not have
administrative privileges.

On the command line, it is possible to set a default printer on a
per-user basis using 'lpoptions -d <Queue_Name>'. This will save the
default printer queue name to a file ~/.cups/lpoptions.

I cannot find a way to set this using a GUI in GNOME. It used to be
possible with system-config-printer, where you could choose to set a
default printer only for you or system-wide, and only the latter
required admin privileges.

In GNOME, it seems that admin privileges are always required, as it is
not possible to select "Set as default" without unlocking the printers
panel. The GNOME user guide also mentions that "You need administrative
privileges on the system to set the default printer."

If that is really the case, how is one supposed to choose a default
printer in a corporate network using GNOME?



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