On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:34 PM, Michael Thayer <michael.tha...@oracle.com>

> We created a test case application for Olivier and he decided it is a
> different case after all.  xprop says that the black window is
> WM_NAME-ed "mutter guard window".

Yeah, FWIW, in the Qt example provided in bug 767212, if I remove the
“Qt::FrameLessWindowHint” from the window widget creation, it works. I can
even resize the window move it around, it's perfectly transparent and I
don't see any black border artefacts as in bug 767212.

So I wonder if “Qt::FrameLessWindowHint” translates as an override redirect
window on X11, which might be a bit of a grey area, as O-R are mostly
ignored by the WM on X11. I don't know enough of Qt to tell.

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