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> This is something that is sorely needed, and has been needed for
> a long time. I think the default mode of use expected is "type to
> search" in the app list, but this isn't always feasible, especially
> when you're not sure what you're looking for, or perhaps you have
> a lot of games installed and are looking for something to play.

> I suspect the games issue is the most common. Unless you go through
> some commnd line exercises to put a "Game" category in, or use
> Gnome-Software to add apps to a folder (this seems like a very hackish
> work-around).

> In the mean time, maybe you can try https://wiki.gnome.org/HowDoI/AppFolders

Thanks for the pointer to the doc regarding desktop entry naming

As to the the icon size and changing the grid layout I tested further
and didn't find anything useful.

I did find a couple of screenshots that showed a saner arrangement with
13 icons per line and space for about perhaps to 10-12 lines on what
looked like a 1080p screen. 

The blog from which these were extracted...


goes back to release 15 of Fedora, some seven years ago...!

This suggest that this was possible at some point but is now BROKEN in
more current releases of gnome.

I personally use the Window Maker desktop written 20 years ago that is
no longer under development but I revisit gnome every once in a while to
take a look at where things are headed.

This is especially relevant now that the unity desktop is history.

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