This is the first and only announcement I'll make of my new(-ish)
package el-patch, which allows for human-readable and future-proof
overriding of Lisp functions, similarly to the advice system but quite
different in use and implementation.

It is maintained on GitHub at,
and can be installed from MELPA. Excerpting from the README:

Like the advice system, el-patch provides a way to customize the
behavior of Emacs Lisp functions that do not provide enough variables
and hooks to let you make them do what you want. The advantage of
using el-patch is that you will be notified if the definition of a
function you are customizing changes, so that you are aware your
customizations might need to be updated.

Using the same mechanism, el-patch also provides a way to make
lazy-loading packages much more easy, powerful, and robust.

Best regards,
Radon Rosborough

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