J.B. Nicholson wrote:

> I see on https://connochaetos.org/wiki/ that ConnochaetOS "is
> available for x86 (32 bit) only" and directs users looking for an
> x86_64 libre Slackware GNU/Linux distro elsewhere.

That is probably a valid point. I imagine that FSF-endorsed distros  
should probably not steer people to others that are not?

In addition, I think that the documentation at [0] should probably be
updated to steer people to the Linux-libre deblob scripts (or their
already deblobbed tarballs?) The fundamental problem is that the
method used by the Debian Project leaves the request_firmware calls in
place, resulting in people's system logs being spammed about how the
proprietary software is missing from their system. Linux-libre's
deblob scripts handle this by removing code that induces users to
install non-Free Software.

[0] https://connochaetos.org/wiki/docs/deblobbing

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