not that anyone asked but jaromil may be pleased to hear that dynebolic
v1 was (i think) the 2nd distro i ever tried before i ever heard of GNU
or the FSF - liveCDs were quite "cutting-edge" then and it seemed like a
very easy way to try out this nerdy "linux" thing i had been hearing
about - i can say that the dynebolic website was my first introduction
to the free software "philosophy" (indeed that there was any
"philosophy" behind it at all) - most of what i had heard was only that
this "linux" system would allow you to customize any of it's programs if
you knew how to read code - i did not know how to program very well at
the time (some TI-BASIC - yay) but the idea of having such a modern
environment conducive to experimentation was very inviting; and i
figured that, because i am a curious fellow, i would eventually become a
competent programmer if i just started using it - then the more i
learned about programming: the more i learned about and appreciated the
GNU "philosophy" - whatever fwiw that's my lil story in a nutshell

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