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> Oh, and we also have similar efforts with things like GNU IceCat and
> Trisquel's Abrowser. It probably makes more sense to work together and
> not fragment efforts by starting yet another modified version of a
> Firefox-based browser.

I think there's a misunderstanding.

I'm only looking into making a package (as in: for operating systems,
from the perspective of a packager) with a minimal changes (could be
regarded as "patches") and adjusted settings so that this software
maybe is acceptable for us GNU systems.

I'm not looking into starting another project, I have more than I should
do already going on.

And Palemoon used to be firefox based, but it has since then diverged
and developed its own engine etc. This is why I was looking into it,
and curiosity.

I already have a working "New Moon" (Pale Moon branded 'unofficial') build.
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