I agree... A member of the Wesnoth project must point this out to them.

Julie Marchant <julie.c...@riseup.net> writes:

> On 2017年09月19日 15:28, Félicien Pillot wrote:
> No, we lost support for our community from another because a troll was
> allowed to speak for it unchallenged and attack developers that are on
> our side over a non-issue. This demonstrates an abject failure on our
> part to project a good image of who we are and, most importantly, prove
> that we are not a raving collection of lunatics. This is not the first
> time, and it will not be the last.
> If any Wesnoth fans are on this list, please, respond to that forum
> post. Denounce stasXXX's behavior, and explain that what he said about
> GNU FSDG was pure bullshit and not even remotely in line with GNU FSDG,
> neither the letter nor the spirit. They need to be reassured that some
> of their fans are in fact libre software community members, who do not
> approve of stas's actions, and that stas does not speak for all of us.

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