For that I can only speak for myself, so this is just a personal point of view.

Every time I was around #hyperbola on IRC, asking for help or speaking to Hyperbola founders & developers they are all very clear on that subject and I have never seen any discussion regarding non-free software their.

What I have seen on their mailing list and discussion were always a
clear promotion of free software and I don't remember seeing any sentence, help or advises for non-free software.

But for sure this is only my experience and this has to be completed with others point of view.

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 11:16:12AM -0300, Adonay Felipe Nogueira wrote:
2018-05-17T09:31:25-0400 bill-auger wrote:
to be clear - the points mentioned in the OP are not really what this
criteria is about - this one is less tangible and all-encompassing
beyond the actual software that is in the repos or technical safeguards
like the blacklist - for examples, all documentation such a wiki page
that mentions non-free enhancements or third-party repos, promotional
materials, or even mailing list or chat discussions when someone
recommends or assists a user to install something non-free

I agree with bill-auger here.

One of the differences I explain when installing free/libre distros
during install fests is that the GNU FSDG also cares to attempt to
evaluate the community behind the distro.

Of course one is free to use non-free software privately for himself,
but please don't go around
teaching/recommending/installing/sharing/selling that thing to
others. That is: don't put your hands in the fire for that person just
to get the "joy" of running non-free software.

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