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> Isaac wrote:
> [...]
>> It's not a mistake.  Preaching the gospel of first sale according to 
>> Alexander
>> appears to be a life mission.
> http://groups.google.com/group/gnu.misc.discuss/msg/e123816845315e68
><quote authors=Jeffrey Siegal, Isaac>
>>What about the first sale doctrine? Indeed, if users own their own
>>copies, including binary copies, of the software, than those users can
>>transfer those copies without complying with the GPL's requirements as
>>to source code access.
> Interesting. I really hadn't thought about that and my attempts
> to digest the implications on the fly are making my head hurt.
> I can't resolve the problems introduced by first sale without
> either making the user of GPL'd code a non owner or deciding
> that users really can transfer their copies, no matter what the
> GPL says.
> Gotta think about this.  Kinda makes my whole argument moot
> if GPL users are really licensees.  <g>
> Isaac

The implications you draw from first sale go way beyond this Alexander.

In any event, we've discussed ways of resolving this particular conundrum
in misc.int-property.  Your pretense that the quoted statement is my last word
on the topic is quite disingenuous.  I have not found you that way in the


> regards,
> alexander.
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