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> > Dr. Mikko Välimäki has a quite nice article on the topic:
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> > Mikko Välimäki: Copyleft Licensing and EC Competition Law, forthcoming
> > in European Competition Law Review 3/2006
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day5done (some folks believe that he is Wallace) commented:

It appears Dr. Välimäki is as objective and unbiased in Europe as Eben
Moglen is in the United States. Ever see anyone author and sell a book
on open source licensing that didn't fervently believe in the
self-promoting assumptions surrounding open source software?

"Order a print copy from Amazon or directly from us by filling in an
order form or emailing your name, address and the number of copies
wanted. We will process the order within 48 hrs and send the book with
payment instructions. Direct order is preferred for European
customers. The price of one copy is 39 EUR plus shipping charges (5
EUR for one copy to Europe)."

"Mikko Välimäki, LL.M., Ph.D, is a research fellow at Swedish School
of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki. He also teaches
technology and intellectual property law at the Helsinki University of
Technology. Mr. Välimäki has consulted especially software companies
and is the author of a book on open source licensing (available at Previously, Mr. Välimäki has been a visiting
scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a co-founder
and former chairman of Electronic Frontier Finland."

The "open source community" and its proponents are one giant,
homogeneous, self-promoting hairball.

The book is also available as a pdf download.

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